"We walk away from our dreams afraid we may fail, or worse yet, afraid we may succeed." - Finding Forrester

Quote to push me.

About Jodi...

At what age does a person realize they were born and raised in a box? More importantly, at what age does a person decide to break out of that and become their own beautiful self. I was born and raised in the "boondocks" the so-called "box" (AKA: minister's daughter/Footloose). Now I live in the city. These photos are a small piece of my journey in breaking out of that box. I get bored with "we do it cause it is tradition" thinking. So that's why I invent my own holidays and I never seem to be popular. I've never wanted to be a photographer, I only wanted to get as good as I could in order to journal my story. To sort through the deck life hands you. What I didn't expect, is the camera has the power to make people feel beautiful, even in those moments when one is not feeling so. So when I take a photo it is for one of three reasons: to journal my story, make a beautiful soul see themselves the way I do or to show the people living in the box how beautiful the world can be outside of it.